April 12, 2019


Cornell Tech's Bloomberg Center

2 W Loop Rd

New York, NY 10044


Cornell Blockchain 

Conference Spring 2019

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Cornell Blockchain 


Spring 2019

Where Great Minds Gather, Learn, and Collaborate

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April 12, 2019

Bloomberg Center

2 W Loop Rd

New York, NY 10044

The Speakers



Muneeb Ali

Co-Founder & CEO of Blockstack

Kathleen Breitman

Co-Founder of Tezos, Cornell University Alum

Sam Cassatt

Chief Strategy Officer of ConsenSys


Adam Chapnick

Host, Programming Director for Security Token Academy

Brady Dale

Reporter at Coindesk

Michelle Gitlitz

Co-Chair of Blank Rome's Blockchain Technology and Digital Cryptocurrencies Group, Cornell University Alum

James Grimmelmann

Cornell Tech Professor with a focus in Internet Law

Ari Juels

Cornell Tech Professor, IC3 Co-Director

Brian Kelly

Founder & CEO of BKCM

Shaul Kfir

Co-founder & CTO of Digital Asset

Jae Kwon

CEO & Co-Founder of Tendermint, Co-builder of Cosmos, Cornell University Alum

Jor Law

Advisor for Tzero

Charley Macedo

Patent and Trademark Attorney at Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein 

Joshua Mertzlufft

 Associate in the Intellectual Property & Technology Practice at Hodgson Russ

Glenn Rachlin

Amazon Web Services Blockchain SME





Emin Gün Sirer

Cornell University Professor, Founder of bloXroute Labs, IC3 Co-Director

Adrian Uberto

Managing Director at CoinList

John Wu

CEO of Digital Assets at Sharespost, Cornell University Alum

Yorke Rhodes III

Co-Founder of Blockchain at Microsoft

Houman Shadab

Co-founder & COO of Clause

Elaine Shi

Cornell University Professor, Co-Founder of Thunder Token, IC3 Chief Scientist


 Friday, April 12th 

1. Platforms

The platform category aims to achieve discussion on topics that the industry is currently facing, such as scalability, developer experience, interoperability, smart contracts, proof-of-stake, base protocol security, and private data & private smart contracts. We will have industry leaders covering some of these topics who are researchers and platform founders. There will be keynote presentations with a Q&A at the end of each format. 

2. Regulation

The regulation category aims to provide insight on the blockchain industry. This includes keynotes on intellectual property, the era of internet law, and security tokens. This category will have both keynote presentations and a Q&A panel discussion. 

3. Security Tokens

The category of security tokens aims to follow the discussion in the regulation category. It will cover topics that surround security token offerings and how they are evolving in the industry. This includes sub-topics such as, what makes STOs so important, the development of the infrastructure, and how evaluations of cryptocurrencies may change. The format will be both keynote presentations and a Q&A panel discussion.  

4. Growth and Adoption

Growth and adoption category is about traditional firms and industries. Topics covered in this category include how they are embracing blockchain technology, challenges with blockchain integration, and the use cases for enterprises. The format will be keynote presentations with Q&A at the end. 

8:30am | Check-in Begins

Breakfast will be provided

9:00am | Opening Remarks 

with Joe Ferrara and Lynette Ban

9:10am | New and Simple Consensus Protocols for Thundercore's Main-Net

with Elaine Shi

9:30am | Blockchain 3.0: Third Time is the Charm

with Emin Gün Sirer

9:50am | The (Abridged) Case for Digital Collectible Card Games

with Kathleen Breitman

10:10am | Rearchitecting the Blockchain Ecosystem

with Jae Kwon

10:30am | Break

Snacks will be provided

10:55am | Investing in the Blockchain Ecosystem

with Brady Dale and Sam Cassatt

11:20am | Blockchain on Amazon Web Services

with Glenn Rachlin

11:40am | =! your fathers internet

with Yorke Rhodes

11:55am | Lunch

Lunch will be provided

1:00pm | All Smart Contracts are Ambiguous

with James Grimmelmann

1:20pm | Smart Legal Contracts: A Blockchain Neutral Approach

with Houman Shadab

1:40pm | DAML - a Language for Rapid Blockchain Innovation - daml.com

with Shaul Kfir

2:00pm | Blockchain & Patents

with Josh Mertzlufft

2:20pm | IP Opportunities and Challenges for the Blockchain Stack

with Charley Macedo and Muneeb Ali

2:40pm | Break

Snacks will be provided

3:05pm | Security Token Regulation

with Michelle Gitlitz

3:25pm | STO Ecosystem Panel

with Adam Chapnick, John Wu, Jor Law and Adrian Uberto

4:10pm | Flash Boys 2.0: Frontrunning, Transaction Reordering, and Consensus Instability in Decentralized Exchanges

with Ari Juels

4:30pm | The Intersection of Financial and Crypto Markets

with John Wu and Brian Kelly

4:50pm | Closing Remarks

with Joe Ferrara and Lynette Ban


The Venue: The Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech 

2 W Loop Rd

New York, NY 10044

Cornell Tech is a technology, business, law, and design campus located on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, New York City. It is anchored by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, a joint academic venture between Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

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Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are emerging into a rich spectrum of new financial instruments and business tools, and blending finance with computer science in unprecedented ways. IC3 is collaborating with domain experts in finance and banking, entrepreneurs, regulators, and open source software communities to move these blockchain-based solutions from today’s white boards and proof-of-concepts to tomorrow’s fast and reliable financial systems of execution and record.

Since 1953, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP has focused exclusively on all facets of intellectual property law, representing clients domestically and internationally, in industries from consumer electronics to financial services, from apparel and retailing to semiconductors and MEMS, life sciences and medical devices. 

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Each day, forward-thinking companies are transforming blockchain’s promise into bottom-line business results. And they’re doing it with IBM Blockchain. But building and deploying enterprise blockchain solutions continues to be larger than any one business can tackle on its own. Discover how IBM Blockchain can help you bring together allies across departments and disciplines, industries and organizations, and countries and cultures.

Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Before Cosmos, blockchains were siloed and unable to communicate with each other. They were hard to build and could only handle a small amount of transactions per second. Cosmos solves these problems with a new technical vision. 

Tezos is a blockchain that can evolve by upgrading itself. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself, to reach social consensus on proposals. Tezos supports smart contracts and offers a platform to build decentralized applications.


Ava Labs is building a payments rail and computational platform upon the revolutionary consensus algorithm, Avalanche consensus. Avalanche Consensus is inspired by the concept of metastability and gossip algorithms, enabling distributed ledgers to achieve true decentralization and scalability. Ava Labs is led by Professor Emin Gün Sirer and his research group.

Meet Cornell Blockchain's Conference Team

Joe Ferrara

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SC Johnson College of Business '19

Co-President of Cornell Blockchain

Lynette Ban

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SC Johnson College of Business '19

Head of Conference Team

Lane Rosen

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SC Johnson College of Business '19

Head of Operations


Logan Horowitz

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Information Science '21

Conference Team Member

Sophia Danziger

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Policy Analysis and Management '21

Conference Team Member

Natalie More

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Government '20

Assistant to Head of Operations

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